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Intersectional Snacks!

Sharing food can hold the power to liberate, educate, heal and comfort. Intersectional Snacks is carving out an environment both online and IRL where queer folks can connect, exchange lived life experiences, feel more joy and less isolated.

Safe spaces can be created simply by breaking bread with others, be it virtually or in person and Intersectional Snacks is all about Soft Queer Joy.

Founded by Nash Haukozi-Jones, an Interior, Prop & Food Stylist based in East London - the project was orchestrated by an African/British/Black/Queer/Woman to mobilize and unite likeminded marginalized people in pulling up a seat to the table and talk about their lives through food. To celebrate how unique we all are and how intricate life can be.

"We can be proud of our cultures and celebrate them, but they aren’t always the sum of our identities. Immigration, migration, upbringing and assimilation can all play roles in what and how we eat. We are forever evolving and that can often be reflected in the food we consume, it’s what brings us comfort, energy and joy." 

"Intersectional Snacks includes everything from your favourite treat day takeaway to that food stall you’ve been going to since you were little, to the secret local gem that you can stroll into hidden beneath your hoodie and they always know your order. We want to celebrate it all. Food accompanies us throughout our lives and we want to shine a light on the beautiful support system it can provide both physically and emotionally. Special occasions, soul food, childhood memories, adult flashbacks, and what to have when the world is just too much and it’s simply about substance before crawling back into bed… by sharing our experiences, insights and intersections, we can spread vibrant gentle joy within our community. We can inspire and remind each other that we are not alone." 

Follow @intersectionalsnacks on Instagram and join their online tribe and stay tuned for upcoming Pot Luck dinners and Supper Clubs as we grow.

Slide into their DMs if you’d like to be featured on the account and bond over your chosen dish and intersections.

"We'd love to learn what your dish means to you, how it makes you feel and how it's linked to your life or escapades. From cheese on toast that's all one can muster whilst trapped under a dark cloud, to traditional wholesomeness, to chosen family feasts… we’d love to hear about it with some accompanying pictures. All cooking skill set levels are welcomed and embraced, it’s all about the story. Our relationships with food can be complex and mean so many different things, by sharing these tales we can support and nourish each other."

By Nash Haukozi-Jones (she/her)


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