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Celebrating food as art.
Centring people of colour.

Welcome to chicken + bread, where culinary creativity meets cultural celebration. Our platform is a tribute to the artistry of food; a canvas for self-expression that showcases many. 

Through captivating visuals and compelling stories, we celebrate heritage and innovation within communities often overlooked in mainstream narratives. Here, we break bread together; every dish telling a story and every bite a celebration of culture and deliciousness.

The Magazine

The print arm of chicken + bread was launched in October 2021. So far, we have released three issues:


The Nostalgia Issue

The Recovery Issue

The Joy Issue



Launched in 2024, the website is a space for recipes, interviews, features and editorials, sharing and celebrating the work of those who love food as much as we do. 

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Issue 3 cover icon and chef Safiya Robinson with chicken + bread founder Hope Cunningham.

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Image by Terna Jogo

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