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chicken + bread is a print publication that curates and celebrates the food stories of the African, Caribbean and Asian Diaspora worldwide. 

Where joy takes centre stage.


In this issue, we explore the countless ways in which we infuse our dishes with happiness, tradition, and innovation. From family recipes written down for the first time to contemporary creations that redefine culinary delight, Issue 3 invites you to revel in the sheer bliss that food brings. 


Enjoy vibrant visuals, compelling narratives, and our very first cover story! Featuring Safiya Robinson, a creative cook and chef in residence at the London restaurant Moko. Join us on this journey of taste and culture, where food isn’t just sustenance, but a powerful expression of joy, and identity.

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chicken + bread Issue 01 includes over 23 touching, relatable and humourous stories that evoke the issue's theme, nostalgia, as well as a communal love of food that centres Black and Minority Ethnic people across the globe.

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Tough times never last...


Let's talk about recovery; the trials and tribulations we must overcome in life that take various shapes and sizes and the relationship food plays through this journey. From essays to interviews to poems and illustrations, issue 2 is a reminder that while everyone's relationship to food is different, each story is beautiful, important, and relatable in some way.

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