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Get to Know: Safiya Robinson

The cover star of our third issue gives us the lowdown on her food favourites

Favourite kitchen utensil/piece of equipment?

Pre-Moko residency was definitely a good food processor. So much of quality vegan cooking is about transforming ingredients and they helps with that! Post residency it's actually my 5 wheel dough cutter which helps me portion out my cornbread evenly, it just brings delight to my virgo rising self!

Favourite snack?

Fresh watermelon with mint and lime or creamy dill lentil chips because they taste exactly like quavers...

Go-to takeaway

I don't really have a go-to takeaway, I'm neurodivergent so I tend to get obsessed with one thing for weeks and then never buy it again... Past obsessions include Honest Burger Plant Burger and Falafel and Shawarma Mezze Box.

You receive good news, what would you cook as a celebratory meal? 

If I received a piece of good news I would definitely go out somewhere fancy with good cocktails rather than cook, but if a loved one received good news I would cook a medley of Soul food and Jamaican classics like Mac and cheese, "oxtail" style stew and lots of plantain.


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