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Call For Submissions 

Issue 2: 'Recovery'

Tough times never last…

chicken + bread is BACK for issue 2 and this time, we’re exploring the role that food plays in the recovery process. 

Whether it’s using food as a form of comfort through a tough breakup, curing a hangover or exploring a tenuous relationship with food that needs recovering itself, we want to hear it all

Deadline: 1st August


Submitting written work? 

- Max word count for long-form pieces (essays/articles/interviews/short stories) 750 words 

- Please send it as a Google Docs/Word file

- Please try and send it along with an image


Submitting visual art?

- Max number of images you can send: 10

- Please send scans of artwork rather than photographs of your work, (i.e: if you want to submit a painting, please send a digitised version)

- Send as a PNG or JPEG


Please fill out the form below to submit 


Disclaimer: to submit, you must be a POC. chicken + bread is a space for/by us. Please do not submit if you don’t belong to these groups and respect this space - thank you x


*chicken + bread is, at present, a one-woman show. As the zine continues to grow I’m confident in our goal to be able to pay our contributors one day! If your submission appears in the issue to you will receive a free printed and digital copy 


Any questions, please contact us at: 


chicken + bread is a platform that celebrates food as art and centres people of colour. 

By documenting these stories, our aim is to use food as a means of filling in gaps in our history and honouring stories that may not otherwise be celebrated. We exist to change the perception of what food media can be.

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